Elise Corpataux

A Lifetime Waiting for Summer to Happen

May 29 – July 13, 2024
Opening: Wednesday May 29, 6-9pm

Haus Max Ernst Haefeli
Goldbacherstrasse 72
8700 Küsnacht

Open by appointment: Thursday – Saturday is pleased to present Elise Corpataux’ first solo exhibition at the gallery. Elise Corpataux is an artist living and working in Fribourg. Her paintings are carriers of nostalgic memory: Suspended between the iconic and the prosaic, they blend motifs from the popcultural unconscious with a personal mystique.

Wed, 5.6.2024, 19:00: Artist Tour at
10.6.–16.6.2024, Elise Corpataux at Swiss Art Awards (Art Basel, Messe Basel)
Fri, 21.6.2024, 18–22:00: Summer Solstice Event at

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