Liste Showtime Online: Jutta Zimmermann

September 15 - 30, 2021

Jutta Zimmermann’s presentation for Liste Showtime was accessible online over Liste’s website and on view in the gallery at Zürich throughout the fair.

Lorenzo Bernet –
Zollikerstrasse 249, 8008 Zürich

For more information
+41 763 888

Jutta Zimmermann – untitled, 2021; pastel on canvas, varnish

Jutta Zimmermann – untitled (ps, now moment, containing), 2021; pastel on canvas, varnish

Jutta Zimmermann – „After, loss learning love Just learning talk Leaving language For Good lost loveletters to the world liberty lies. Lies loneliness Luna light and stars, move the lipps, lust, lore „According to ancient lore, a ghost haunts these ruins.“ (in dictionary coincidentally found sentence) do you trust the über-ich? (as the english translation feels misleading, i mean less of a super-ego, but more of an über-ich) (that indicates more an above-ego or above-i, watching me. like eye.) results in, misleading dialogs, from now on, killing the death-instinct For Good. bearing 24/7 Surrounded like a fort Bye bye offenders, conflict is not abuse, she says fact —> 100 but also, i heard (heart/heat/hurt/hearded) self-defence allowes itself violence, because it means to act in defense, legitimising violence. But i am not sure anymore if this is the phantasm i prefer to feel at things. Especially if the surrounded fort is too often the intruder himself (without knowing so) Shooting back from a position of self defense, all along, being the aggressor [the fort], i don’t go along no longer Peng Peng i don’t go along no more, Peng Peng, you shoot me down Peng Peng i shoot me down Peng Peng End, Phantasm Peng Peng End, Peng Peng, you shoot me down —> Peng, eye shoot you down Peng Peng, End, Peng. Globally Locally In my house Just end it End Peng Peng. Militant Parcifist this is this If this is the haunting ghost The new phantasm is on march Lust will end this w , different worlds of hea , (also like under I eye) as the over eye, plea for it“, 2021; pastel on canvas, varnish

Jutta Zimmermann – Haus 1, 2021; unburnt clay

Jutta Zimmermann – untitled (heads, heats, heards) 2021; pastel on canvas, varnish

2021 courtesy the artist and
Photography: Claude Barrault