New Rose Hotel

Press Release

December 2-24, 2023
Tuesday–Saturday, 12 - 7pm

With scents and artworks by: Alice Le Berre, Marc Antoine Barrois, Andreas Wilhelm, Anicka Yi, Clémence Besse, Elsa Schiaparelli, Michael Part, Shiseido Institute of Beauty Sciences, Thomas Julier, Maison Noir, Wolfgang Tillmans, Romane Chabrol, Naoya Hatakeyama, Nanda Vigo and others.

With olfactive guidance from: Manon Gaeschlin; Lighting installation: Emilie Appercé / Matthew Phillips; Text and guided tours: Martin Jaeggi | Lorenzo Bernet
Hochhaus zur Palme, 12th floor
Bleicherweg 33, 8002 Zurich

©2023 and the artists
Photography: Flavio Leone, Claude Barrault