Kristin Oppenheim
Night Run: Three Early Works

Curated by Reece Cox

Exhibition: 21 May - June 13 2021
Opening day: Friday May 21, 3-8pm

Night Run: Three Early Works focuses on three sound works from Kristin Oppenheim recorded between 1992 and 1995 in her Brooklyn studio. Over the last three decades, Oppenheim has composed vocal works not as a musician, but as an artist working in gallery and museum contexts. In each recording, Oppenheim’s voice is the sole medium, forming repetitious phrases half-sung and half-spoken to compose disciplined but haunting environments that drift back and forth, panning across the stereo field. Each week of the exhibition a different work will be presented in the gallery’s main space as the sole entity occupying the room.

Artforum May 21, 2021: Hearing Voices – Jesse Dorris on Kristin Oppenheim's Night Run
Flash Art May 21, 2021: Voices Fill My Head – Kristin Oppenheim in conversation with Adina Glickstein

All works courtesy of greengrassi, London.
With the generous support of Meyer Sound.

Photography: Claude Barrault
Video edit: Sebastian Palomino

Double LP Release 21 May 2021:

Kristin Oppenheim - Night Run (INFO001)
Collected Sound Works 1992 - 1995

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