Kelly Tissot – Polka

Dec 11 - Feb 13, 2022

Floorplan Polka is pleased to present "Polka", the first solo exhibition of Kelly Tissot. The show features a newly commissioned sculptural installation, as well as photography based works circling around an eponymous animal protagonist. Kelly Tissot, *1995 in Haute-Savoie FR, is an artist living and working in Basel. She studied at ECAL, Lausanne, followed by a Master in Fine Arts at HGK, Basel. Working mostly in sculpture and photography, Tissot’s artworks originate from various themes and motifs around rural space and agricultural labor; they are transporting the viewer not to a historical picturesque countryside utopia, but to an abstracted and fragmented periphery between nature and culture, belonging and isolation. Kelly Tissot’s work has been exhibited at Forde, Geneva; Plattform21 (MASI), Lugano; Kunsthaus Baselland; Country SALTS, Basel; Photography-Exhibit, Zürich; Der TANK, Basel; Lokal Int, Biel; Espace Arlaud, Lausanne.

2021 courtesy the artist and
Photography: Claude Barrault